SiriusCreations' trip to Canada: 22 August 2009.

Rotterdam - Wasaga Beach

Our first day with some new experiences

When posting this we will be in our next hotel (see the other day).

After arriving and check-in at Brussels Airport we had a nice cup of coffee with our driver who brought us there.

Our plane to Amsterdam was ready in time and after we boarded. This was a small plane (Fokker F50) and before we started a stewardess came to the poeple behind us and asked them to move forward. This because today the plane was a bit heavier on the back than normmal.

(I was wondering that it was not better I would go in front.... )

We went to the runway and on it we took some speed. Then the start was aborted and stood still at the end of the runway.
After some silence, we were told that there were some start configuration errors. After a check they decided to take a second change. This time everything went ago.

We arrived in Amsterdam on time. There we saw our connecting flight to Toronto was an hour delayed.

About 45 minutes later as scheduled we arrived at Toronto.

After our checks of our passports and telling our purpose of this visit we picked up our luguage that was there very soon.

Now we went to the car rentel desk where I handed over the voucher. After a long search in the computer system they said they could not found our reservation. THe confirmation number was not in their system and search on name, date and time of arrival did not give any result.

After I phoned the travel agency where I made the reservation they told me that the car rental company must have made a mistake, because they have the confirmation number. In the end they accepted my voucher and got an upgrade of the car without extra costs. Picture of the car you will see tomorrow when there is daylght

3 hours later than planned we arrived at our family where we would stay the first night.

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