SiriusCreations' trip to Canada: 05 September 2009.

Los Angeles, CA, USA (John Williams concert)

This evening I am at the Hollywood bowl for

John Williams and the Music of the Movies with the Los Angeles Philharmonic

On the day SST member Dutchbat and I went for some shopping. First we took the metro downtown but we could not found any CD stores. Along the road to the metro station we saw some nice buildings

Back in Hollywood we found a store with a small collection of score cds where Dutchbat found 2 tht he bought. After that store we went to another 'little' independent CD store called Amoeba where we shopped about 2 - 3 hours only at the soundtrack section.

Billboard near Amoeba

Halfway we could not hold our selection so we searched for a shopping basket. At a certain point we needed to decide to stop shopping else we would have bought the complete collection. Result was Dutchbat 36, Me 21

Here Dutchbat with our new collection. When we set down the box there was another person who thought we were selling :)

In the evening we had a marvelous time at the John Williams concert.

2008 SiriusCreations.